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Managed Security: How to Boost your Security Posture through Outsourcing Security to Experts

A panel discussion event was held in March 2017 around the newly released CyberSecurity 2017 Trends Report and its impact on the perception and utilization of managed security services. This new study was based on input from members of the Linkedin Information Security Community, who were surveyed on the challenges, strategies, and opportunities seen by today’s cybersecurity professionals.

Four leading managed security experts including Raytheon's own Josh Douglas, Cybersecurity thought leader came together to examine the report’s findings, how those findings impact your security strategy and how they can translate to more effective practices.

Topics covered included:

  • 3 business critical benefits of an outsourced security strategy
  • The security functions every organization must consider outsourcing
  • Selection criteria for finding the right security partner for your organization

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